Xilo Gum Products

Xilo Gum Products

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Gum without the guilt

Support your diet without depriving your sweet tooth. Keep the cravings at bay with an all natural chewing alternative. HCG Diet approved Xilo gum from HCG Triumph comes in several delicious flavors you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

Xilo Gum

For many people, chewing gum is not only a way to control food cravings or pass the time, it’s a way of life! Unfortunately, nearly all types of gum aren’t allowed while on the HCG diet due to high sugar and calorie content. How do HCG dieters who love gum stay sane without cheating on their diets? Simple--our delicious Xilo gum. HCG Triumph has developed our Xilo gum to be completely HCG Diet approved without sacrificing flavor. With four mouthwatering flavors and 50 pieces per bottle, Xilo gum will keep you satisfied as you slim down.

Xilo Flavors


Fruit Burst



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does gum actually help you lose weight?
  • A: Chewing gum is a common technique people use to make the weight loss journey easier. Many people swear by the power of gum in controlling cravings, continuing weight loss, managing appetite, and more.
  • Q: How many pieces can I eat during the day?
  • A: Every piece of Xilo gum only contains 2.4 calories. As long as you’re chewing a reasonable amount of gum during the day, you can have as much as you like.
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