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Stevia Products

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Add HCG-approved flavor!

Cutting out sugar to lose weight doesn’t mean cutting out naturally sweet flavor! In fact, Trulicious sweeteners from Blue Earth Nutrition LLC naturally gives your food extra flavor while helping you keep your sweet tooth under control.

Trulicious Sweeteners

Finding your food lacking in flavor while dieting? Bland food causes many people to quit their diets, and that’s why we’ve offered a sweet solution. HCG diet approved Trulicious sweeteners help you keep your sweet tooth under control without having to break the HCG diet protocol through the power of Stevia! In addition to the many delicious flavors, Trulicious sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar, so you need less Trulicioius to sweeten your favorite snacks, drinks and foods. Dieting has never been so sweet, easy & tasty!

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What are the Benefits of Trulicious Sweeteners?

  • They add sweet flavor to any snack, drink or food with only a small amount of Trulicious sweetener
  • They help satisfy your craving for sweets so you're not tempted to cheat on your diet
  • They give you the freedom of flavor with numerous delicious options--find the right flavor to compliment your favorite HCG-approved snacks, drinks and foods
  • They let you enjoy sweet taste without sacrificing your health. Trulicious sweeteners have few to no calories, numerous health benefits, are diabetic safe and all natural

Trulicious Sweeteners--Natural, Healthy, and Delicious!

  • HCG diet approved
  • Made with Vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Many times sweeter than sugar—Just follow serving size directions or flavor to taste
  • Low to no calorie--add flavor without the guilt
  • Healthy glycemic index--perfectly safe for diabetics to enjoy
  • All-natural and free from additives

How to Get Started with Trulicious Stevia

  • 1Order your Trulicious products online
  • 2Following the instructions listed on the label. Add Trulicious to any Hcg diet approved snack, drink or food: melba toast, chicken platters, veggies and more--the choice is up to you
  • 3Keep following the HCG protocol and using Trulicious sweeteners. Before you know it you’ll achieve your weight loss goals

Control your sweet tooth and stay on your diet! Eating healthy has never been so delicious. Order Trulicious Stevia today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much Trulicious should I used on my food?
  • A: You can put as much Trulicious on your food as you like. Because Trulicious sweeteners have very few calories, you only need a little bit to add a lot of flavor to your food.
  • Q: Can I use Trulicious in drinks, too?
  • A: Yes. In fact, there are lots of great recipes where you might use Trulicious sweeteners to make lemonade and other drinks that are all HCG diet approved. Contact one of our HCG diet coaches to learn more!
  • Q: Who is Blue Earth Nutrition and why do you use them?
  • A: Blue Earth Nutrition is a company that creates and distributes high end nutritional and diet support products. was impressed with the high quality of Blue Earth Nutrition and the Trulicious products. Realizing that Trulicious meets the Hcg diet protocol as well as being of the finest quality, we felt our customers deserved to have diet help using this great product.
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