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A diet product that's safe, effective, natural and fast


Weight Loss Through Science

A diet product that’s safe, effective, natural and fast sounds too good to be true--and before oral HCG, it was! Now, advances in nutritional science have made it possible to naturally burn fat using an organically produced hormone. This means you can finally lose the weight you’ve wanted to shed for years and achieve your weight loss goals safely, naturally and quickly!

History Behind the Science

The difference between HCG Triumph and other diet products is the science behind the success. Rather than being based on an unsustainable fad diet, the oral HCG diet combines the body’s natural hormone production with advanced nutritional science to provide incredible weight loss results. It’s all based on decades of research. During the 1950s, Dr. ATW Simeons discovered the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. Through his research, Dr. Simeons observed how mothers who were sick during pregnancy were able to maintain a low-calorie diet without any adverse effects on the growing baby. Dr. Simeons wondered how the children were acquiring the necessary nutrients to properly develop in the womb when the mothers were eating so little. After much study and observation, Dr. Simeons learned HCG acts as a trigger for the body, causing it to use stored fat for nutrition. This meant the presence of HCG during pregnancy caused the fetus to use the mother’s stored body fat for nutrition. This meant the baby received the proper nutrients even if the mother wasn’t maintaining an ideal diet. This discovery naturally led Dr. Simeons to another conclusion: if HCG could be used during pregnancy to feed a baby with stored fat, it could be used at other times to cause the body to rely on fat reserves for energy. This would mean real weight loss--not just water weight--and the ability to help people quickly but safely burn stored fat. This discovery has made HCG the most incredible weight loss product of the century!

A Simple Path to Success

Using the HCG diet is simpler and safer than most people would expect. To make it easier, the diet is divided into 3 main phases.

Fat-Loading Phase

During this phase, you can eat anything you want! Have you been denying yourself a favorite treat or meal because its calorie count is too high? Go ahead and enjoy it! This initial phase is meant to make sure your body moves into fat-burning mode with the help of HCG drops and a high-fat diet. After a few days, the HCG will kick in, and you’ll move on to the next phase.

Diet Phase

Once your body has had time to adjust to the oral HCG drops and begin processing fat differently, it’s time to move on to the specially designed diet phase. Here, your daily meal intake is limited to 500 calories per day from a list of precisely selected foods. Don’t be alarmed by the low daily calorie intake--remember, the HCG drops are causing your body to burn stored fat. And don’t be scared of your diet choices, either. The HCG Triumph guide book is filled with recipes for great HCG diet-friendly meals! On top of all this, the HCG drops included with the kits include an appetite suppressant so you don’t have unbearable cravings during the day. This is the phase where you’ll lose your weight, so you’ll also be motivated by the fast and visible success from the diet. With the easy meal plans, appetite suppressant, and incredibly fast weight loss, staying with a diet has never been so easy!

Maintenance Phase

Once the diet phase is complete, you’ll move into the maintenance phase. Here, you’ll gradually help your body adjust back to a non-HCG diet. This is the phase which seals your diet success, so follow Dr. Simeon’s advice and don’t skip it! This simple 3-phase program has helped thousands of people lose more weight than they ever dreamed was possible. With HCG Triumph, your weight loss dreams are finally in reach!

Everything You Need to Reach Your Goals

Every HCG Triumph kit is designed to give you everything you need to get started on your diet right away. In each kit you’ll find:
  • A supply of HCG
  • A supply of B-vitamin complex
  • An HCG diet guide book
  • A grocery list and diet approved recipes
  • HCG Diet protocol
  • An exact oral syringe
In addition to what’s included with the kit, you’ll also receive access to helpful tips and free support on and offline. We’re with you during every step of your weight loss journey to help you succeed!

Get Started Today!

Whether your goal is to lose 10, 50, or even 100 pounds, the HCG Triumph kits are your key to success. These complete diet kits provide everything you need to safely, naturally and quickly lose weight and keep it off! Plus, you’ll save money buying it direct online instead of paying markup from a retail location. Join the thousands of people who have made their weight loss dreams a reality. Transform your life with HCG Triumph today!