Ingredients in our Formula

Formula Essentials

There are lots of things that make the HCG Diet different from each other. There are hundreds of competitors out there who are fighting for the spotlight on their product. Unfortunately, when companies start putting together a formula there are different motives that comes into play for each competitor.

There are those people who only care about how much money they can make off of the HCG Diet. These competitors dilute their formula so that they can sell less of the actual formula and make more money per sale. Do we agree with this method? We wouldn’t want to say that we are so blind that we wouldn’t appreciate a little extra cash, however, the dieters success means more to us than a little extra cash.

Here at, we have spent several years coming up with the perfect formula that will bring forth your highest expectations. After your expectations have been met we know you will come back to us when you need to lose more weight. Thus providing the little bit of cash that we are missing out on, by providing the highest quality of HCG Drops this market has seen.


What makes the HCG Diet different from other formulas? What makes us different? 

  • First is our Amino Acid Ornithine - This Amino Acid is to help burn those fat cells that are hard to get rid of.


  • Then comes our combination of Glycine and Arginine – These Amino Acids help you stay healthy and full of nutrients when you aren’t eating as much while on the HCG diet.


  • To be able to keep up with everyone else it is important to get high levels of energy during the HCG Diet. The healthiest way to stay energized is with Lysine, L-Carnitine, and Phosphorous.


  • Tyrosine and Phenylalanine work as agents to keep your appetite suppressed. Which will keep you content and not feeling those hunger pains, even in the process of shedding those pounds and inches. 


    With this unique combination of Amino Acids in our formula, we don’t only see success, but we guarantee it. The HCG Diet has been moving forward for over 50 years and is only getting better. Along with this moment of moving things forward, we are spreading our formula across the world, to help everyone who needs help losing weight.

    There is no doubt about it; the HCG Diet has helped more people lose weight, than most diets out there. There are several sources where you can get HCG Diet as well, so make sure that where ever you choose to get the HCG Diet Drops that you choose wisely. It is always better to buy once from the best quality, than to buy 3-5 different times with the cheap stuff and always being disappointed with the results.

    As well, there is one part to the HCG diet that a lot of people forget to pay close attention to. The HCG diet weight loss program isn’t over after the 3 weeks of maintenance phase. It continues through out the rest of your life. If you go back to eating 4500 calories a day, you aren’t going to keep that weight off. Keep the good habits that come from living the HCG diet for that month you were following it so strictly, eat healthier lean meats, stick to the right type of food.