does sleep affect weight loss?

Does lack of Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

Does lack of sleep affect weight loss? We got this question from a frustrated client who was following protocol but not seeing the result she wanted. She was only sleeping a few hours a night. Her slow weight loss and her lack of sleep were both taking their toll. Sleep does affect weight loss, and it may be in ways you never realized. Lack of Sleep Affects Metabolism When your sleep cycle is interrupted or irregular, your metabolism doesn't function properly. If you are only getting 5 hours of sleep, your metabolism has less time to get to … [Read More...]

shrimp and tomato curry soup

Phase 2 Approved Shrimp and Tomato Curry Soup

There's something about Thai food that is comforting and fulfilling. This Shrimp and Tomato Curry Soup recipe combines the flavors of Thai food into an HCG Approved Dish that will fill you up. Shrimp and Tomato Curry Soup Recipe  - 100 g pre-cooked shrimp   - 2 roma tomatoes  - 1 teaspoon minced … [Read More...]

woman testing the HCG Hormone

Where Does the HCG Hormone Come From?

There are a lot of misconception about HCG. For women who have had their HCG levels tested by their doctor they associate HCG with pregnancy only. The truth about HCG is that it is a hormone naturally … [Read More...]

sugar in fruit, is it good or bad?

Fructose v. Sucrose: Is the Sugar in Fruit Bad for you?

Have you ever seen those charts that compare certain fruits to sugar packets? They explain that eating an orange is basically the same as eating  9 sugar packets. If you're watching your sugar and … [Read More...]

HCG Approved Steak Marinade

HCG Approved Steak Marinade : Bold Marinade

It can be tough to find a flavorful HCG Approved steak marinade, but we've found the perfect one that we want to share with you! Let your steaks marinate in this for a few hours and toss them on the … [Read More...]

Splenda Packet

Splenda, Not So Splendid

Turns out, Splenda is not so splendid afterall. The synthetic sweetener sucralose (marketed as Splenda) should be a cause of concern in your everyday consumption of products. So many consumers have … [Read More...]

roasted rosemary radishes in a pan

Phase 2 Roasted Rosemary Radishes

Not very many people know that radishes are a perfectly safe vegetable to eat on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet. Since summer is in full swing and radishes are in season, we wanted to share this incredible … [Read More...]