Have a Fit Christmas: Healthy Gift Guide

This is the time of year when we think about giving the perfect gift to our loved ones. I dont like giving useless gifts though so I try to think of things that I can wrap that would be useful throughout the year. Health is the greatest gift of all! So here are a few items that can be wrapped up, opened, appreciated, and used all year long!  The Ultimate Healthy Gift Guide Fit tupperware BlenderBottle Stacks are very handy to help put all your snacks in one place and fit easily into your bag and/or office fridge. And you can see … [Read More...]

healthy shredded bbq chicken

Healthy Shredded BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken can really hit the spot sometimes, but when you're trying to eat healthy, it's probably best to skip out on the sticky, sugary sauce. Fortunately there are healthy shredded BBQ chicken alternatives, like this one: Healthy Shredded BBQ Chicken 3.5 oz chicken breast BBQ Sauce: •6 … [Read More...]

salt shaker tipped over

Is Salt Bad For You?

Salt is one of those things that we mindlessly add to our food. Not only is it sprinkled on top of our dinner, but it's also in a lot of the processed foods we eat. Salt can have negative effects on … [Read More...]

do carb blockers work on bread?

Can Carb Blockers Help You Lose Weight?

If you're making an effort to lose weight, you're more than likely watching your carbohydrate intake. This can be difficult to do. It seems like carbs are some of the most popular foods you'll find in … [Read More...]

Phase 2 orange ice cream

HCG Approved Phase 2 Orange Ice Cream

Phase 2 Orange Ice Cream? It's true! This healthy, HCG Approved recipe is a delicious sweet treat that won't mess up your progress on the HCG Diet! It's easy to make and you can enjoy it … [Read More...]

hcg approved tomato soup

Hearty HCG Approved Tomato Soup Recipe

There's just something special about a bowl of hot soup after a long day. Soup is comfort food, and if you do it right it can be comfort food without the calories! Here's a great HCG Approved Tomato … [Read More...]


Happiness Starts With You: 33 Things to Help You Smile

Each day is filled with challenges and choices that can be stressful. It is important that we do not allow ourselves to get too stressed out and sad. Ever notice how when you feel happy you feel … [Read More...]