foods that promote healthy skin

10 Delicious Foods That Promote Healthy Skin

The largest organism of the body is the skin. Everything we put into our body is reflected outwardly in our skin. It is essential to put nutrient rich foods into your body so that you look radiant on the outside. We've put together the best list of ¬†foods that promote healthy skin. Foods That Promote Healthy Skin There are a lot of misconceptions out there about foods that are and aren't good for your skin. Some of these might even surprise you. Water Each of our bodies is made up of approximately 60% water. So replenishing the … [Read More...]

hcg approved Thai Chicken

HCG Approved Thai Chicken Recipe to Die For

We're serving up a delicious recipe today! Try this HCG Approved Thai Chicken. It's full of flavor and easy to make. You can even multiple the recipe and make it for you family. We recommend serving this HCG approved Thai chicken with some asparagus, or you can even chop it up and add it to … [Read More...]

avoiding food

Try This Simple Tip to Control Your Appetite!

Having a difficult time keeping your appetite under control? It can be especially hard to lock down cravings if you're on the very-low-calorie-diet portion of the HCG protocol. Cravings can come any … [Read More...]

woman exercising with her diet partner

Study Shows Losing Weight is Easier With Diet Partner

There's no doubt that the path to weight loss can be a difficult journey. It can boost your spirits to know that someone is right there with you in the struggle to form discipline and good habits and … [Read More...]

HCG Strawberry Salsa

HCG Strawberry Salsa Recipe for Phase 2

One of the best ways to add flavor to your HCG approved meals is by making your own salsa. This delicious HCG Strawberry Salsa is a great topping for fish, salad, and chicken. This recipe is safe for … [Read More...]


What to do the Day After a Cheat on the HCG Diet

In a perfect world, you'd make it through the HCG Diet without any cheats or stalls. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world, and dieters are greeted by endless opportunities to cheat on the HCG Diet. … [Read More...]

woman who likes warm drinks

Warm Drinks Approved for the HCG Diet

The coziest part of the winter season is the warm drinks you can sip on throughout the day. The ones that are approved that are listed in the guide book include herbal tea, green tea, and coffee. … [Read More...]