Woman practicing lifelong healthy habits like packing her lunch before hand.

8 Lifelong Healthy Habits the HCG Diet Teaches

Dieting can be a long challenging journey. In the end it will change you for the better, especially if you make your new found healthy resolve into a lifestyle change. The HCG Diet isn't a quick fix. It has the ability to reshape the way you think about food and healthy living in general. You'll maintain your weight loss easier ¬†if you keep the lifelong healthy habits you learned during the program. Continuing these eight things below will help you stick to habits that are going to benefit you long term. Lifelong Healthy Habits the HCG Diet … [Read More...]

hcg approved cabbage rolls

HCG Approved Cabbage Rolls Recipe

We love finding new ways to use HCG approved veggies. These cabbage rolls are a unique way to have an delicious HCG Approved hot meal! They are simple to make and you can even change out the beef for chicken! Cabbage Rolls Recipe 2-3 cabbage leaves 100 grams lean ground beef 1 tablespoon … [Read More...]

wasa bread can help you get fiber on the hcg diet

The Importance of Fiber on the HCG Diet

During the HCG Diet, your body responds to losing weight in different ways. One of these ways might be with some not so welcome troubles in the bathroom. Constipation can be a common frustration for … [Read More...]

hcg drops

Dosage for HCG Drops: Drop it Right!

A large part of your success on the HCG Diet ¬†depends on the HCG Formula itself. The HCG formula contains ingredients to help your body through the low calorie portion of the diet. If you aren't … [Read More...]

HCG Phase 2 Mongolian Broccoli Beef

HCG Phase 2 Mongolian Broccoli Beef Recipe

Craving some tasty Asian cuisine? If you're doing the HCG Diet, the last thing you want to do is eat take out. It's full of all kinds of ingredients that will mess up your diet. Instead of take out, … [Read More...]

woman getting back on track after weight gain

Getting Back on Track After Weight Gain

Oh no! You got off track. It happens, don't beat yourself up, after all, you are human. By now you may have realized that it can be tough work getting back on track after weight gain. In fact, it can … [Read More...]

healthy meringue cookies

HCG Approved Healthy Meringue Cookies

Cookies that are safe for dieters? You betcha. Check out these Healthy Meringue Cookies. You can eat the whole batch without feeling guilty. Oh, and did we mention that these are approved for the HCG … [Read More...]