Partner with us for continued success. The HCG diet is one of the fastest growing diet experiences in the industry today.  With millions of pounds already lost by over a 150,000 satisfied customers, HCG triumph can help you reach just about any weight loss goal.  HCGdiet.com has established a trusted product kit that proves to be safe and effective.  Our appealing wholesale prices mean increased profit margins for you.  Contact HCGdiet.com/wholesale and see what we can do for you.


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For complete customer success while on the HCG diet program, HCGDIET.com has developed an all-inclusive kit specifically designed to fit any vendor’s needs, keeping your client base satisfied with continued results.

Complete HCG kit includes:

HCG triumph drops 

Our HCG drops are made with the highest quality, proprietary blend that includes 7 amino acids for optimal results.  Our drops are formulated in an FDA certified and registered lab and with some of the highest standards in the industry.

Vitamin b12 complex supplement 

 A vitamin b12 complex supplement is necessary with HCG, providing vital nutrients to help keep you feeling energized and on top of your game. 

Oral syringe for accurate dosing amounts 

Proper dosing is important when supplementing with HCG.  Our oral syringe comes in handy and keeps dosage amounts safe and simple.

Comprehensive diet manual

 Our comprehensive diet manual provides you with the information needed to stay informed while making your personal diet and nutritional decisions.

Complete diet protocols 

 For the HCG diet to be successful, the diet that must be maintained is just as important.  We offer a low calorie diet regimen, allowing for optimal weight loss results spurred from the release of fat by the HCG.


Delicious recipes

 We provide a variety of delicious meal recipes and snacks that make dieting on the HCG program fun and exciting. 

Tips for successful results

 With years of experience, come tips and hidden secrets that can push you past possible plateaus and make your HCG experience a positive and successful one.


 Questions or concerns that might arise during the HCG diet can be asked or referenced on our informative FAQ page.

Approved food list

 We offer  a list of approved foods that make buying the proper foods for the diet protocol simple and trouble-free.

Team up with HCGdiet .com for all your wholesale needs and experience the amazing results that HCGdiet.com has to offer.